Critical Thinking, Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Training

The Krypton Thinking-CAPS is a breakthrough model developed to build a solid foundation in critical thinking, analytical thinking and problem-solving – skills required to create value and deliver results in today’s workplace.
Crucial decisions, such as where to cut costs, which candidates to hire, and what features should go into a flagship product, are also being made at a faster pace and by people at every level of an organization.
To meet this growing need, more employers need to take steps to help their employees develop critical thinking skills.
Efforts like this programs can have as high as 17X ROI, and because critical thinking underlies problem solving, planning, creativity, and other skills, an employee’s performance can soar.
By providing employees with critical thinking training, you’ll empower them to make good decisions. And good decisions equate to jobs well done—and a company’s success.
Organizations that can attract, retain, and develop the best thinkers have a significant and measurable competitive advantage in the business world.”

Pearson Education, Inc.

Thinking-CAPS: The Course Objectives

Thinking-CAPS Model: How It Works

Krypton’s thinking-CAPS Model teaches individuals how to generate solutions to business problems. The Krypton Thinking-CAP model integrates –  three key thinking skills, Critical Thinking, Analytical thinking and Problem Solving – each of the skills fits together in a process that is both fluid and sequential.
It is practical, fact based, hypothesis driven, and structured thinking. It uses systematic and objective methods to solve problems.

Thinking-CAPS Programme Curriculum

To achieve the set of objectives outlined in the course, the entire curriculum for this course will be divided into three modules that will run concurrent sub-tasks:

Thinking-CAPS: The Benefits

Measuring Customer Feedback
Very useful for logical reasoning and for analyzing qualitative issues in the workplace.
Complex Problem Solving
Teaches how to evaluate components of a complex problem.
Very critical for budgeting and forecasting.
Can help improve research – finding the most relevant data.
Defending Budgets
Teaches how to argue logically – very useful for building business cases, defending budgets and reporting results.
Measuring Marketing Impact
Useful for defining metric in measuring/evaluating a scenario. E.g. In developing a metric for measuring performance management or measuring marketing impact.
Improve Communication
Can improve communication – clarity and effectiveness.
Analyzing Root Causes
Dissecting complexity – analyzing the breadth and depth of an issue.
Thoughtfulness and Attention to Detail
Improves thoroughness – ensures all possible options are exhausted at any time. Also improves attention to detail.
Market Segmentation
Useful for segmentation/classification into universal and sub-sets.
Process Design
Critical for process design, management and improvement.
Financial Analysis
Foundational for financial analysis.

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