Emerging Business Managers Program (EBMP)

Realize your potential. This course showcase diverse theories and practical applications in leadership, negotiation, and team building, the Emerging Business Managers Programme guides new leaders and managers toward how they can maximize communication, leadership skills, and overall performance.

Managers are made, not born. Yet 60% of all managers indicate they did not receive any training when they assumed their first manager role.

This program will lay the critical foundations and supports required to embark on a successful leadership career as well as prepare participants to move from functional expert to proactive leader, building in them the crucial skills required.

During the program, participants will learn the best practices in developing and executing the three necessary skills of every effective manager: managing self, managing other individuals and managing teams.

Key Learning Areas

  • Critical, Analytical Thinking And Problem Solving
  • Who is a manager and what do managers do?
  • Stepping into Management.
  • Understanding the trends that impact business strategy and operations.
  • Performance Management.
  • How to embrace and manage change effectively.
  • Personal Development And Learning.

Who Should Attend?

This program is designed to benefit three key groups:

  • New Managers,
  • Inexperienced Managers and
  • Upcoming Managers.