Krypton Business Analyst Program (KBAP)

Business analysis is a topic of growing importance to projects and organizations. The marketplace reflects this importance, as many organizations increasingly embrace business analysis as a technique for uncovering business needs, managing requirements, and creating effective solutions to business problems.

The Business Analyst Program (BAP) is a training intervention program designed for intending and current employees performing strategic business functions within organizations. The program’s modules were carefully crafted from the same curriculum used in training business analysts in business consulting practices, typically used by some of the world’s leading consulting firms.

This training program is designed to enhance the business analytical and management skills of participants – in a bid to improve their functional competences and deepen their ability to analyze and add value in their respective industries. The program focuses on 7 business critical learning areas.

Key Learning Areas

  • Critical, Analytical Thinking And Problem Solving
  • Business Analysis
  • Introduction To Financial Statements And Modeling
  • Business Planning And Documentation
  • Business Writing And Documentation
  • Microsoft Office Tools  and Application.
  • Personal Development And Learning.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for employees performing strategic business functions within organizations.

Strategic functions such as: business development, sales and client engagement, corporate strategy, human resource management, financial management and control, project managers, product managers, or any other strategic functions.