We match the right and competent candidate with the right employer

The GAPMatch Program


  • Fill your open job positions with competent, verified and job-ready candidates.
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  • Advance your career and build your skills with our unique learning experience.
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We turn the right people into competent candidates.

“Millions of young people in Nigeria are unemployed. Yet majority of employers have job vacancies they cannot fill because they can’t find competent candidates.”
The GAPMatch Program is specifically designed to bridge the skill gap between what skills employers are looking for and what skills employees need to create immediate and lasting value for organizations.
In low-income African countries, most of the young people are not qualified for the wage jobs that are available” – Shatayanan Devarajan, Chief Economist World Bank’s Africa Region
A knowledge-based economy requires an increasingly skilled and well-educated labor” – Dr Austin Nweze


The GAPMatch Program is our competency-based learning intervention designed to equip employees/ job seekers with the knowledge, skills and the work ethics of an idle professional by any global standard. It provides a foundational framework for developing capacity in critical thinking, problem solving and value creation – the abilities employers expect from their workforce.
Krypton Academy has a vision to take the GAPMatch program mainstream by equipping millions of employees with the required skills for executing daily strategic work. This will enable employers focus more on planning, decision making and exploring growth opportunities for their business. Additionally, it will significantly reduce the time spent by employers troubleshooting poor quality work done by employees.