Our Approach

Our Training Philosophy

“The best way to learn is by doing”
At Krypton Academy, we recognise that for adult learning to be effective and impactful, it must be experiential or action-oriented – requiring interest, participation and coaching to move from an uncomfortable feeling of not knowing how, to reaching a state of conscious competence.
We believe that performance has little to do with the strength of the brand or even the brilliance of the business strategy. In other words, we’ve built our programs on the understanding that performance has less to do with processes, systems, and incentives—and everything to do with the people.

Our Methodology

We use a systematic content development approach to deliver both generalized and function specific training, resolve participants challenges and improve their performance on-the-job.
In order to achieve this, we would tailor our best practice deployment approach, as illustrated below:
Pre-Training Group Discussions and Pre-Training Activities
Outlining Curriculum with Synopsis and Co-creation with Representatives from Functional Units Instructional Design
Trainer's Tell and Show with Demonstrations, Action Learning (Hands-on, On-the-job case examples, Teach backs, etc.), Function-specific Capstone Projects and Coaching
Post-Training Impact Survey and Individual Review of Capstone Projects

5 Krypton Tenets

What you should expect: